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What is the greatest enemy of wood in hot regions? This is neither fire, nor an earthquake or water, as many people falsely assume, but some wildlife representatives called termites.

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Poor fire resistance is nothing but a myth when it comes to a laminated timber. In Finland people build almost everything of wood – high-rise buildings, offices, hotels, not to forget saunas

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Most people, when they hear about wooden houses, immediately think of small one- or two-storey houses.

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Your own house made of wood, green grass and flowers – that’s what most of the families dream of, after they fed up with city hustle and bustle. However, when they decide to make their dream come true, a question arises – what to choose?

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Today we are going to talk about how the house functions, namely, about heating, electricity supply, water supply, waste disposal and ventilation. The systems’ projecting can be started after all technical drawings based on preliminary design are completed.

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