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We will satisfy all your wishes

Exclusivity in everything is very important for some people, only the best thing, or even unique, will satisfy them. When we discuss a design of the house with such people, a woman will always be concerned that the look of the house should be unique - to see the same house at the neighbor, would mean for her the same thing as to see her dress on another woman; and the man, of course, wants to see a unique technical solution.

Our architects and designers are geniuses and adventurers
We are constantly experimenting with designs of buildings to create unusual patterns of wooden houses. Despite of the fact that we are constantly reviewing global trends, we do not repeat them, but we create new concepts. Architects and designers of Lumi Polar Company put their hearts into every house under construction, because they create something valuable and extremely elegant.

Their motto is:
 “If you want to implement something elegant in wood, you should use only what is needed for it, and nothing more!”

  • The essence of your style is a sophisticated simplicity. The Lumi Polar wooden house is a reliable and functional; at the same time, it is easy and delicious. The house does not eclipse its owners, but emphasizes, in natural way, their characters and reflects their lifestyle.
  • The bottom line in comfort lies in conjunction of the house with land plot, linking the house to the location. The house should be designed so to integrate into the local surroundings. It is important because the house itself and the space surrounding it, should be connected technically and aesthetically.
  • To explain the essence of functionality will be more complicated. Today, customers do not want to choose between luxury, beauty and functionality - they want the first, the second and the third - and we try to fulfill all three their wishes.
  •  The essence of our classical and avant-garde solutions - we are open for all the innovations that can surprise the market, but we use classical solutions too. Courage is needed, disregarding any foreign opinions, to select the unfashionable "proven" solution, a conservative tradition, and furnish an eclectic interior with things in the Empire style.

Being specialized in individual and unusual things, we will be very glad to see such customers who would order an individual and extraordinary project.  Sometimes, because of their unusual thinking, we get new solutions ... If you are among those original people, you are welcome!

Renowned and famous architects
Since Finnish architects and Finnish building technology in development of modern low-rise construction is known as the best in the world, we are proud of our architects, who are known in Finland as a talented and outstanding.

Each of them has the title of SAFA Architect, i.e. all of them are members of the Union of Architects of Finland. SAFA - a professional and ideological unity of talented architects in Finland, which is active in the field of architecture to create a comfortable living space.

Lumi Polar Architects Are a Great Human Resource of Finland
Architecture and design are the greatest industries in our country; they have been recognized as a key element of innovation policy in Finland. Due to the rich experience of our professionals, we provide professional services for creation of unique houses, made of wood, because the specific construction of such houses requires a special approach and very detailed design.

Winners of the Most Prestigious International Awards
Lumi Polar architects and designers are holders of various prestigious international awards, which are awarded to the most advanced innovative projects in the field of architecture and design.

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