We finish building our new Michigan 499 house in the Moscow region. This is a luxury house in minimalist style that can lodge even a very large family.

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We are glad to announce that we have started to assemble our new project in Podmoskovye! Very spacious, cozy and warm house for a big happy family.

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In the Sochi town the nights are always down but not as our new house up on the bank - it is as always bright and spacious.

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Our new house in avant-garde is being constructed in Moscow Podmoskovye (literally “around/near Moscow”).

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Our new timber house HILLSDALE is travelling to New York where it will be assembled in the fashionable district of the same name! Its simple yet smooth shapes make this house particularly unique and functional.

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LUMI POLAR`S geography is expanding! Our new modern house Credo 210, breakin 10.000 km2, arrived from Finland to the very east of Russia and is being assembled in Vladivostok. Its owners can enjoy the stunning views of the Amur Bay every day.

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