• Square
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of floors
Before 150 m2
150 - 250 m2
250 - 400 m2
from 400 m2
3 or more
1 floor
2 floors
3 floors
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Modern styles

Today, minimalism is extending throughout the world, this style captures quickly new territories. Minimalism retains the essence of any thing, and cuts off all unnecessary. Minimalism does not recognize the frills and luxuries, the diversity of colors and complexity of finishing - only straight lines and right angles are needed for the ideal shape.

We have opportunities to create layouts of houses in any style, which option will be limited only by limits of your imagination! The avant-garde twists and noble form of classicism, clean lines of modern and bold combinations of wood with other natural materials, original design elements of the roof and large windows create bold and beautiful features of our houses. Such architectural design not only attracts with its originality, but also complements the natural landscape that surrounds the house.