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Lumi Polar - Finnish log houses

Lumi Polar wooden house - contribution to health and well-being

No matter what's happening with the stock market indices, if you own a Lumi Polar wooden house you can be sure you've made a safe investment in the healthy future of your family for many generations.

Lumi Polar wooden houses are a standard of quality, environmental friendliness, durability, and a high degree of energy saving

Considering that the most useful and oldest buildings that have survived to this day are made of natural wood, with innovative Finnish technologies they also became the warmest, aesthetical and modern, and will last for more than a century!

Finnish ultra-modern production of wooden houses
  • Production of houses with the use of the latest technology, 100 years of Finnish experience, wood of the highest quality, eco-friendly glue, revolutionary shrink-free technologies, factory readiness of houses is more than 80%.
  • Robotic production with KUKA ROBOT (used by MERCEDES and BMW manufacturies) - allows us to manufacture multi-profile timber structures, saw it with millimeter accuracy.
  • All this, as well as the Finnish know-how, guarantee Lumi Polar houses an incredible density of connections, 100% impermeability, energy saving up to 60% above average, 100% environmental friendliness and perfect aesthetics
Impeccable architecture and maximum unity with nature
  • Our houses are created by European and American architects with worldwide experience. We design any suburban areas and buildings, stylish interiors, landscape engineering and more!
  • We integrate all houses into the natural landscape with the aim of minimal costs for preparation for construction, maximal merging with nature and filling the house and recreation areas on the site with light and sun, taking the best viewsinto account
We create opportunities for people to live better
  • We don't just design and produce wooden houses, we sell a high quality of life, offering a new culture of eco-friendly construction called the Golden Rule - economical, energy efficient and maximally integrated into the natural landscape
  • Welcome to LumiPolar! We will build you a high-tech wooden house, which will have a value for centuries and will only rise in price over time. We can embody the most daring modern projects in wood in any style, any complexity, in combination with any other construction materials.