Signature houses

Signature houses is the Holy of Holies of Lumi Polar, this section contains the most significant and branded projects that were created with world-class architects, such as: Iosa Ghini, Pininfarina, Robert Zampolin, Hani Rashid, etc.

Mind-blowing objects with their own design subtleties, each is unique and has distinctive features. We have created a cozy, infosphere in the virtual world for real connoisseurs of architecture and design where you can be inspired, draw ideas and bring them to life.

We are absolutely in love with every project in this section and are convinced that when one talented architect works on a project, he will certainly create a masterpiece, but when geniuses unite, projects of truly universal proportions are born and it is possible that someday they will become a reality.

Welcome to the world of Signature houses by LUMI POLAR!