What Is the Essence of the Wooden House Construction?
Lumi Polar, our Finnish company, is a leading company in the world in the design and production of wooden houses, where the high-quality wood used as readily available raw materials. Production facilities meet the highest European specifications are strict state examination and have a high level of reliability.

Perfection of Lumi Polar Houses Consists of Perfection of its Details

Timber can be simply sawn but a gorgeous wooden house can only be made from the wooden parts, which have been perfectly tailored.

Drawing on the 100 years of experience of Finnish companies in the field of woodworking and house-building, we are able to design and manufacture all kinds of models of wooden houses, that meet a variety of tastes, national traditions and which meet the conditions in different countries.

Perfect Combination of Aesthetics, Skills and Best Technical Solutions
First, our professionals will thoroughly study the draft of the wooden house, estimate its complexity, and then, they adapt it to certain kind of timber and its technical loads, in order to find the best technical solutions. Such research work is necessary for the production of a perfect wooden house. Only after that, our experts begin the diligent work on computer tailoring of every detail of the future wooden building.

Nothing else but only the experience, skill and jewelry work of our outstanding design engineers for the accurate modeling of structural elements, down to the smallest detail, making wooden house Lumi Polar perfect and devoid of frills.

Innovative Computer Modeling

Our innovative computer technology to accurately tailored constructions, detail, grooves and locks allow us to implement the most extraordinary models of wooden houses, and to achieve a tight connection of all the component parts, which ensures a high degree of quality and reliability of our wooden houses.

Component Parts of the Wooden House
We produce our wooden houses of selected Finnish spruce or pine, which have not been treated with any chemicals. It is important that, in the manufacture of laminated veneer lumber / timber, only environmentally friendly adhesive, which does not contain any harmful substances, solvents or phenol and formaldehyde, was used.

Variations and Profiles of Laminated Veneer Lumber

As the best manufacturer of wooden houses, we have a very wide range of laminated veneer lumber / timber. Our customers choose the type and cross-section of the wooden beams, according to their own wishes and recommendations of our specialists, taking into account the features of the model of a wooden house, its destination and the climatic conditions of the country where it will be built.

The ‘Modern Corner’ Solutions
We prefer to design houses of laminated veneer lumber in an avant-garde style with straight corner joints called ‘Modern Corner’. They give dynamism and clarity for the forms of our buildings.

The High Degree of Energy Efficiency
Creating new mechanisms in construction of our Finnish houses, we pay special attention to their energy efficiency. In order that, in the operation of our wooden houses, their energy consumption would be minimal, natural building materials and high precision components must be used.

Avoiding Commonplace Technologies

In the production of wooden houses, we avoid commonplace technology, and we select an individual technology for each project of the wooden building. We're not stamping the same solution. In the production of wooden houses, we focus on their design. We complement the experience with ideas of our architects - we combine technical quality with artistic perfection. We add titanic work and intelligence of our distinguished professionals, and achieve another victory!

We Have No Room for Error
Our wooden parts are not just accurate, but completely accurate - we strictly follow the drawings and perform quality control at all stages. We have no room for error. Our rich experience and precision in execution of production tasks enable us to avoid any mistakes.