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Unique features of finnish forests

Finland is a country of thousands of lakes with clean unspoiled nature

To occupy the highest position in the global housing market - a wooden house must be made in Finland; and Finland is solid wood, water and very small towns.

For centuries, we are living in the forest - we used to plant, grow and nurture the forest, and, like no other in the world, we are able to handle, and glue to dry timber. Such rich Finnish heritage is the greatest source of inspiration for us and it gives us confidence in our abilities.

Today, Finland is a leading country in the world in the design and manufacture of wooden houses, where the high-quality wood raw material is readily available. Production facilities meet high technical requirements, pass a rigorous state technical expertise and have a high level of reliability.

The Finnish Miracle
There are many technical advantages of wood, which is made from trees that grow in the forests of Finland, on the border of different climatic zones. This fact and the unique climate make Finnish wood strong, fragrant and rich in resins.

So, let's consider the main benefits of the Finnish forest.

Unbeatable characteristics of the world's best coniferous forest
The World Organization of Timber Producers has recognized the forests of Central Finland as the coniferous forests, which are the best in the world, and here's why:

1. Conditions of growth.
 It is here, in the most favorable conditions for the conifer forests, the so-called "ship wood» grows - it grows at high dry hills, sandstone and in the most optimal climatic conditions. It is recognized that the forest, which has grown in the middle lane of Finland, is superior in many respects, any forest of other countries in their qualities.

2. Permanent care.
  The forest owner in Finland may sell its wood only once in a lifetime, all the rest of the time he devotes to care for his forest.

To provide timber of high quality, one must constantly take care of the forest, as well as any living organism. Likewise, we look after our health, clothing, home and car ... This way, every prudent owner should do, isn't it?

Finns take care of the forest, like a blooming garden, in order that it could be inherited by their descendants. Regularly, Finns clean their forests, cut down undergrowth, cull diseased trees, plant new trees in place of felled trees, control growth of young trees, etc.

3. Clever state policy. 
Since the XVIII century, strict laws for conservation and protection of forest plantations have been adopted in Finland. Due to intelligent policy of Regional Forest Administrations, forest area in Finland is becoming greater and greater.

The growth of timber is 100 million cubic meters per year. Exports and the domestic market annually consume 60 million cubic meters of timber. Thus, the annual surplus of wood resources is 40 million cubic meters! It suggests that this country is an absolutely stable supplier of timber.

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