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Advantages of a wooden house and a high standard of living, which it offers

The Best Way to Healthy Lifestyle

Researchers claim that the wooden house creates an atmosphere that is most comfortable to human health. Due to its natural qualities, wood helps to normalize blood pressure and lung function, improves sleep and mood, improves performance, relieves stress, and even stimulates the memory. The sunny color of will improve your mood.

The house is made of natural wood - it is a smart and safe choice. In contrast to any stone houses, wooden houses are works of art by themselves. They fit perfectly any landscape, since timber, especially our snow-white spruce timber, has an exceptionally beautiful texture, and it does not deteriorate over time, appearance of interior. So interiors of wooden houses, even a hundred years later, will look as nice as when the houses has been built.

The wooden house lives with his owners, giving them the power of the earth and the sun's energy. Wood has also mystical power. The popularity of wooden houses is growing around the world because they have a number of advantages over   houses, made of any other building materials.

The Most Durable
The wooden house is the oldest and most traditional form of human habitation. For centuries, people favored wood - a natural, warm and helpful material. The age of some wooden houses, which are still used for living, accounts for hundreds of years.

The Most Efficient
Comparing to any other building materials, wooden house is the most efficient housing thanks to its natural properties, even the half-timbered houses of the projects, which have a large area of glazing. The main advantage of the houses is that its walls have no "aisles for heat flow" and no surfaces which may condense moisture.

The Most Environment Friendly
Wood is the most environment friendly building material. Ancient people worshiped the "tree of life" because they believed that the tree shares its energy and strength to the man. Not by chance, Elias L?nnrot, the collector of the famous Finnish runes "Kalevala", loved to work outdoors. He has said that the old legend says that the tree enlightens the mind and gives joy to the heart.

The Most Earthquake-Resistant
The main reason for the supply of wooden houses in Japan, Central Asia, the Caucasus and some other regions, is the seismic stability of the buildings. As you know, logs and lumber in the walls are flexible, which prevents the destruction of the wooden house, even in the case of a devastating earthquake.

The Most ‘Breathing’ 
"Breathable" are deemed constructions, which have the ability to pass cleaned and conditioned air flows
through itself. Wooden houses are the most "breathing" because they pass through a carbon dioxide and other gaseous substances that may be found in indoor air of the house.

The Ideal Humidity Level for Human Health
It is particularly important that the humidity in the house was at an optimum level because bacterial infections spread in the premises with very wet and very dry air. In moist air, mold, fungi and mites breed, and in very dry air, the risk of contracting respiratory infections increases.

In any house, even in the Finnish frame house, difference in its indoor humidity takes place, where the indoor air is always drier, especially in winter because of heating. The advantage of the wooden house is in the fact that its walls have ability to take excess moisture from inside air and give it away, if the air is dry, so helping to maintain a perfect balance.

In accordance with the recommendations for patients with allergies and asthma, optimum humidity for the human body must be at the level of 45 - 55%, so the wooden house will be the best option for sick people as well as for healthy people who care about their health.

The Cleanest Air
Due to the unique structure of wood, a constant air exchange takes place in it. It solves the important problem for the removal of toxic substances from the human dwellings.

Some studies have shown that unlike wooden houses, houses made of other construction materials, contribute to the accumulation of bacteria, fungi and mites;  those construction materials saturate indoor air with dimethylamine, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, phenol, benzene - total, more than 400 of such harmful substances, which increase a person's susceptibility to various diseases, especially allergies and asthma.

The freshest air
One of the most important properties of solid wood is its ability to bind moisture at a time when the level of humidity rises and re-allocate moisture when the humidity level drops. This natural regulation of humidity inside the wooden house allows its inhabitants always breathe in fresh air.

The Warmest Houses in Winter
Because the wooden walls line the fluctuations in humidity, pleasant temperature is present in wooden houses in all seasons - it is cool in summer and it is warm in the winter. In winter, wooden houses are the warmest since wood has the highest thermal insulating properties due to low natural density.

The Coolest Houses in Summer
In the summer, wooden houses are very cool, because structure of the wood fibers has the ability to pass the air in both directions, which promotes natural ventilation and prevents heating inside of the house. For this reason, people never install air conditioning in Finnish wooden house made of lumber.

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