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15 Exclusive features of our houses

15 indisputable advantages
Today, many manufacturers realize that they are fighting for the right to call their products "a wooden house." In struggle against competitors and in pursuit of profit, they have to produce low-quality houses. In absence of technical capabilities to produce high quality products, they are forced to overload the design of their houses with redundant, bulky items.  It is hard to imagine creatively thinking, modern young people have embraced such a house. A stylish young woman is unlikely to give consent to her husband to move to such a house…


We are different from all over the "wooden houses" mainstream market
At the same time, we want to make our houses recognizable. We create models of wooden houses, not like our competitors - we put our soul into our buildings, a unique approach to design, constant research and experimentation.

Our Supporting Points:

  • The talented team of the best Scandinavian professionals who think creatively, openly and constantly learn new technology.
  • Daring policy of design, compliance with all European standards, and innovations in low-rise construction.
  • Centuries-old traditions of Finnish timber industry and woodworking.
  • Qualified European construction.
  • Honest approach and excellent service.

If you do not have a trump card - the game will be lost!

1. The Most Advanced Manufacturing
All our activities are based on the use of the best world experience and Finnish culture of construction of houses made of natural wood with the use of only environmentally friendly and warm natural materials, requiring minimal cost to operate with.


2. The Most Reputable Professionals in the World
Incredibly professional and well-organized team of Finnish specialists - architects, planners, engineers and designers are able to create extraordinary objects, always standing out with something special. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience. We are in love with their work, and most importantly - we compete with ourselves.


3. Premium quality raw material - grade A and B wood from Central Finland forests- gives our houses the edge in aesthetics and guaranteed reliability.

The wood quality is most apparent in glued laminated lumber where the lamellae are arranged side by side. In terms of the quality level the wood is divided in 4 grades: A, B, C and D. For reference, the most telling example of the first three grades sprucewood.



Class А


Class B


Class C

4. Natural Wooden Houses 100%!
Timber / logs, which have not been treated with any chemicals, environmentally friendly adhesives, insulation based on wool and other, only natural materials and warm.


Natural Glue and Glued Seams
We are positioning their homes as environmentally friendly, because we use expensive natural glue (non-toxic, formaldehyde-free) because it does not emit toxic gases and is not harmful.


Until 2007, for bonding of load-bearing timber structures, only toxic glues class D4, containing formaldehyde, have been used (according to the WHO - it carcinogens that cause cancer). Moreover, these adhesives have poor resistance to weathering. The situation has improved dramatically with the advent, in 2007, of the natural glue because:

  • The strength of glued wooden structures increased 5 times!
  • Delaminating test results (the results of tests on adhesion strength) is zero, so the possibility of disclosure of adhesive joints and seams is excluded.
  • Being a "porous" glue, it gives an opportunity to wood to "breathe", i.e. penetrating into wooden structure, the adhesive does not affect its breathability.
  • Natural glue does not contain any harmful substances, solvents or fibers, such as asbestos, and other substances, which contain phenols and formaldehydes.

The glued seam in our lumber/timber will remain strong down the ages and will never open in the slightest for we employ high-technology glueing equipment. Our manufacturing line is unique in that it opens and breaks up the wood surface and thus enables the glue to leak in the wood structure and make the glued joints strong and reliable to the utmost.

Generally, manufacturers just apply glue on the wood, crush its surface and thus close the wood pores. Therefore the seams quality fails to stand the test of time.


5. Our homes have the highest level of energy efficiency and thermal insulation not only among the wooden houses, but also among the houses of any other material. Due to natural components and incredible detailing, our Finnish wooden houses are the most cost-effective and energy-saving houses.


6. Houses made of spruce, are of the highest quality, reliability and durability!
This fact was proven by scientific studies in Finland of wooden houses which had been built over a century ago. The results showed that the quality of houses made of spruce, surpassed significantly quality of all other wooden houses. Spruce, as construction material, has so many advantages that we encourage you to learn them at our web-site Section ‘Outstanding Benefits of Spruce Houses’.





7. The widest range of laminated veneer lumber.
Wishes of our customers from different parts of the world, therefore, we produce lumber and logs of different sizes. Our wooden houses Lumipolar brand can be compared to dresses made to order, which are designed and modeled by our Finnish "tailors" from quality "fabric", the most suitable for them. Each new order provides our designers and engineer’s freedom of expression and at the same time, all they need to create a house: a wide selection of high-quality laminated veneer lumber, and the ability to interpret it in their own manner.


8. The most advanced technology and innovation, as one can judge by the designs of our wooden houses, their technical characteristics and in their appearance.

The most unique design, large-scale projects, a wide range of models and collections of wooden houses. We model the most daring projects of high complexity, and constantly experimenting with original solutions, adding to its luxury portfolio with new models and collections of wooden houses.


”Modern Corner, Tirol Corner” vanguard angles. We challenged the urban culture of house building, when created our significant invention as a right angle, so called ”Modern Corner”, ”Tirol corner”, which allowed us to build wooden houses from laminated veneer lumber within the city.

Thanks to this modern and extremely reliable solution, corners of our houses do not have protruding rims as long chopped log ends (inherent in traditional wooden houses), but they have right angels like any other building.

We apply those angles in all the houses in the avant-garde style - they give to our buildings dynamism and clarity of forms.

Wave-Shape Profile
The traditional profile of the lumber leaves some gaps between the beam crowns, which absorb rain and moisture; it can adversely affect quality and appearance of the walls. To resolve this problem, we have designed Wave-Shape Profile. Due to that profile design, no additional interior finish is needed - the walls will be beautiful in itself, because they look very neat, seamless and monolithic.

TIrol corner
Modern corner
Wave-Shape Profile

Unshrinkable Walls
Due to our continuous pursuit of excellence, today, we have brought quality of our laminated veneer lumber to such level at which walls of our homes have become unshrinkable. As a result, the interior trim can be made already in the process of construction. Read in our website section Important Characteristics of Solid and Laminated Veneer Lumber and Logs about unique features of our timber and logs, as well as about the reasons why building shrinkage can occur in the first year of operation of the building.

Unshrinkable Walls Lumi Polar   Unshrinkable Walls Lumi Polar
Unshrinkable Walls Lumi Polar   Unshrinkable Walls Lumi Polar   Unshrinkable Walls Lumi Polar

Soft Angle Oval Lumber
We give oval shape to the corners, designated for inside of the house, at the factory with the help of their further processing by a special machine in order to avoid them looking ragged because of unintentional grazing, to be ‘brocken’, and to avoid their finalization at the construction site (what takes a lot of time, while the result may be poor). It is particularly important in cases where the house is decorated with columns or pillars.



“Silk” Lumber
We process timber surface to such a degree of smoothness that of the walls of our houses are often called "silk". Due to introduction of the high-precision processing line, we grind timber further under pressure. In addition, we bring surface of the walls to the ideal state after assembly of the house - our experts on the ground are doing it.


9. Joints, Corners and Nodes without Covering Planks
One of the most important our traditions is construction of houses without covering planks and other various racks, because we have nothing to cover by means of them. Most other companies do not attach importance to these facts, and design their houses, on the basis of cost savings: they do not calculate size of the beam at the wall, they do not match joints, they do not verify angles, so they are forced to cover up imperfections in their houses with the help of any overlap.


10. Not Traditional Lining but Laminated Panels
 When designing a frame house, we provide not ordinary lining, but special laminated panels that simulate timber from which the house has been built, and they imitate not only size of the timber, but even splices of boards. As a result, all the walls of our houses look absolutely identical.


11. European and Finnish State Certification
Houses from Lumi Polar have a CE marking. This means that our wooden houses are of highest quality and certified in Finland in compliance with the requirements of the EU Directives while the quality of laminated lumber of all types, corner and other technological solutions is monitored by the Finnish state-tun organization SFS-Sertifiointi Oy.


12. Housing Components
We are building our houses not from any "building materials", but only of those structures and components that we design, produce and deliver in full. This condition is necessary for the construction of high-tech wooden houses, with enhanced reliability.


13. Windows
Windows for our wooden houses are the windows of the highest quality. They can be wood or wood-aluminum (at the customer's choice), with a full complement of accessories and all locking mechanisms. Today, the following windows of the new generation are in high demand:

  • Heated windows - windows with heated glass inside.
  • Cooling windows are windows with an invisible sun protection film, "anti sun", which does not allow even the scorching rays in hot tropical countries to heat the interior of the house.
  • Warming / Cooling windows – so called 'windows two in one', i.e. with glass, which combines two functions: they warm the house in the winter and cool it in the summer.

14. Doors
Our doors - a range of modern high-end models complete with accessories. Interior doors are anti-noise panel doors, and exterior doors are reinforced doors from an array with special seals within.


Sliding Exterior Doors
The sliding exterior doors are of exceptionally high quality because we use them in the harsh conditions of the North Finland. They can be installed in buildings with large glass facades; it will produce, in combination, the effect of the whole.


15. Individual technology
The motto of our experts: the choice of non-standard manufacturing techniques. We choose the technology of production for each project. We're not stamping the same thing - the project of each house is unique. We complement our experience with bold ideas of our architects - so we combine our technical quality with artistic perfection. We add here a titanic work of our professionals - and we gain another victory.

Personalized solutions – it is where we are very experienced and strong!
Every our project is deeply thought out - it combines functionality, quality and aesthetics. Some clients who come to us are willing to receive some special house. Therefore, having received the order, we invent something that is difficult to copy, and that not only meets the wishes of the client but exceeds his expectations.


Brevity and simplicity are the most difficult things
Today, we combine the beautiful spruce wood to the art of straight lines, bringing them up to form an elegant minimalist perfection. Incorporating graphics and geometry of modern fashion, we have shown the world that in the models of houses made of wood brevity can be impeccable, and simplicity can be refined.

Playing by the rules and against them!
The most authoritative experts in the world, first-class raw materials, unique technology and more leads to the inevitable rise in price for our products. In addition, it is no secret that organic products are an expensive pleasure all over the world. And yet, the following fact is surprising: the cost of our wooden houses is not very different from prices for wooden houses, produced by other companies.

For us, quality is a matter of honor!
The principles of our company and our life's foundations are based on openness, honesty and trust. We believe that our success lies in continuous learning, improvement and emphasis on excellent design, the finest materials and incredible quality of construction.

Our Paramount Principles
The more labor will be invested in the products, the better the product will be. And in order to keep your product today at the very top of the rankings, we must continually work, invent and create ... And not just create, but work at a furious pace. So we try our best!

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