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To conquer nature or be conquered by it

Tips of the european landscape designers

We want to give some tips on arrangement of the landscape for those foreigners who are to build our buildings in their country. It is only because we really want their setting would match our brilliant.

The Three-Dimensional Effect of the European Landscape Design
In Europe, the landscape design is a kind of applied art, the purpose of which is the purpose of the whole beauty of the estate, given the prospects for its development. The latter factor is particularly important – the designer's ideas should be so promising that your estate would be, in a few years, as attractive as it has been after construction of your house.

Typically, when designers create outstanding works of art, they are often guided by the principle "All ingenious is simple", and if we talk about our Finnish landscape architect Lumi Polar Company, this principle is fundamental to them.

Do not force your construction site!
Since the approach to the improvement of land at the European masters of landscape planning is practically the same, we will be based on the views of their representatives - for example, on the development of Gilles Clement, one of the award-winning French landscape designers.

Already more than a dozen years, Gilles Clement combines its research and practical work with teaching at the Higher National School of Landscape Art at Versailles. The basic idea of the activities, as Gilles Clement believes that man's relation to nature is realized in one principle:

“The man should not force the nature, he should only help the natural course of things.”

The best thing you can do - not to change anything
If plants at your site need fertilizer, artificial watering, it means that you have gone against "nature", you have planted the vegetables that cannot grow without the help of the man, and that is completely wrong. It is necessary to create such conditions so that the plants can grow themselves. Plants are always surprising and always grow more beautiful than we could have expected.

No matter how meager your land plot were, its soil would be a self-healing system. Therefore, if you do not fundamentally change your land (not to plant anything foreign, not try to change it, and do not contaminate the soil and water), your landscape will be grateful to you and it will blossom naturally.

Defying Nature or to Meeting It
One cannot avoid completely intervention into nature (otherwise, there would be no landscape designers). However, everything must be done wisely. For example, to make geometric shapes of greenery or cut some trees; however, planting lawns, you would need to water and fertilize endlessly, is complete nonsense.

Beautiful garden may be done anywhere - in the tundra, and in the desert. However, in one case, a garden will consist of moss and lichen, and in the second case, the garden will consist of thorns. Beauty is, even where it would seem, it could not exist: in former industrial areas, marshes, peat bogs, wasteland and abandoned quarries – nature, abandoned to their fate, will gradually take its toll. Even the landscape of an abandoned quarry can be cultivated. Ordinary grass, wild flowers or weeds is no less beautiful than the rose garden.

All in Good Time and in Good Place
But what about beautiful artificial French parks or refined Japanese gardens? The French parks are masterpieces of landscape art that relate to historical monuments. You will not feel comfortable in this park - all in good time and in good place.
Japanese gardens are a natural for the Japanese, because they know how to read the symbolism of those gardens. Europeans perceive the Japanese gardens as a meaningless set of pavilions, trees and ponds. That garden is good for you, that matches the environment, and which is close to your culture.

One Is Free to Do as One Likes
Construction of the house provides for compliance with some standards, while you are free to do anything you want with your land plot. Perhaps, you are an amateur gardener, and an opportunity to realize their dreams has occurred to you. Then try to love your land. Walk along your land, listen to ‘its heart’, and your land will not disappoint you.

In the words of Thomas Fizant, brilliant American designer:
First, just look around the nature and listen to what it says. Then, get the necessary knowledge and use them in your garden; but remember that before you plant at least one tree, you need to create your garden in your imagination.

Art of Saving Nature
If you are going to attract a company which is engaged in landscape design, it is possible that the following advice of Lumi Polar will be useful to you:

  • Every landscape designer, as well as any man of creative profession, must have artistic inclinations and good taste. Look, if he is tastefully dressed, look at appearance of his working clothes.
  • Inquire about his professional knowledge and skills, but most importantly - remember the art of saving nature, and therefore, pay special attention to whether he is “environment friendly”.
  • Landscape designer must have a lot of experience, own techniques of landscape art, use the rules of composition and light, and also have knowledge of biology, love of nature and all living things.
  • Ability to present development and changes in the appearance of your infield after five, ten or more years, when natural processes will have changed its features, sizes and shapes of trees and shrubs, is a difficult task for the landscape designer.
  • Design of landscape is based on the establishment of the correct proportions, which are designed to visually expand the space, give them the desired shape and hide any possible defects.
  • To achieve optimum performance of the infield, all the elements of the land, including roads and walking paths, manor buildings, decorative ponds, streams, fountains, bridges, playgrounds, gazebos, flower alleys, etc., should be thought out carefully.
  • Today, the landscape design is a complex of measures for accomplishment, gardening and decoration areas using both natural materials and modern technological developments. You should know how to carry out landscaping, drainage, surveying, soil sample, removal of soil or, on the contrary, delivery of soil on the site, etc.

These and many other questions have no definite answers because every site is unique, and in each case, there are a few options, and only professionals with knowledge and experience in the field of landscape design who can provide optimal solutions, can help you.

Without Prejudice
The main task of the Finnish landscape Lumi Polar architect - not be a supporter of any preconceived ideas, to avoid imposing something superfluous to the nature and not violate its fragile balance and be able to create beauty in harmony with nature.

Incomprehensible Finnish Phenomenon
In Finland, people are given priority lifestyle model beautiful interweaving of nature in human life. Cities, comfortably located in endless forests are incomprehensible Finnish phenomenon. The maximum presence of nature, beauty and holistic harmony, has not only made of Helsinki a world design capital, but also the most environmentally friendly city in the world.

Nature is, for Finns, a luxury for the soul and the best landscape designer. Vision of Nature by Finnish masters of architecture and their concept in organization of space in the open air so versatile that Finland has become the benchmark of landscape art and occupies the highest position in the world.

As our Finnish landscape designers say:
Masterpieces of the Finnish landscape architecture require competent zoned space, thoroughly thought-out functionality, original design solutions and creativity inspired by its creators.

Home Like Paradise
We take very seriously the landscape design around our wooden houses of laminated veneer lumber. If you want to create a beautiful and harmonious corner of the earth where all elements complement each other, then - welcome to the talented architects of Lumi Polar Company! They will add style to your site according to its natural data, will finish facades of your wooden house and create a manor house, where your home will be like paradise.

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