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Interior design - tips on design of your house from Lumi Polar

Typically, when people want to arrange interior of their house, they invite an interior designer. But often the interior that designer has done, is discouraging or looks unattractive...

Earlier, people wanted to live lavishly and luxuriously; today, one can observe desire for more simple way of life. People prefer concise, natural and durable items instead of bright extravagant things.

According to the well-known French designer Robert Couturier:

Classic vintage interiors are comfortable for modern people no more, so even if people choose classic interiors, they want to see that interiors revised and in new forms.

When there are too much details
Today, the "art trend" is one of the most fashionable directions in the field of interior decoration. However, the concept of "art" has such a broad interpretation among interior designers, so it seems to have nothing to do with the art. It was like a cart, on which people pile on everything what they can find on the road.

People are tired of false ceiling with lights, stuck in them; they are tired of graphic prints, wallpaper, not to mention stucco, columns, vases or other household items of bygone eras. Sometimes, those "dust collectors" are imposed on by designers, to decorate rooms as vitamins for eating or Swarovski crystals on the dull clothes.

Polishing of Genuine Diamond and Epatage Designers
Tastefully decorated house or apartment is prerogative of talented designers, people with artistic taste and creative thinking. Those designers are, in varying degrees, extravagant and outrageous personalities.

Real artists love challenges; they do not like to go "along the knurled road." The WOW-effect is a condition of any good design, i.e. that design should surprise, delight and arouse emotions.

In the words of Carlo Rampazzi, the famous Italian interior decorator:
True luxury cannot be determined by its price or brand, it needs to stand out from the crowd and undergo any metamorphosis without losing its charm.

The purpose of the designer
Interior design has to be artistic, but at the same time, it should be practical, and it should have a new understanding of some details of human life. The designer must take an interest in every detail, and be ready to improve it. Even evaluation of what angle we look at the furniture, how much space in the room is taken by one thing or another, etc., is necessary.

The goal of a good interior designer is to create a true masterpiece from every house, at the lowest cost for the customer.

To do this, the designer must simultaneously fulfill three conditions:
- to create a work of art;
- to make the work of art resound;
- to achieve cost savings.

There are two ways to create a work of art:
the first way is the architecture - to create structures,
another method is the musical - for playing with the composition.
The first method is directed to the organization of space. The second method aims to dive into the ocean sounds.

One does not need to fight with his wishes, because the forces are not equal!
You are setting yourself up for a life in a cage, if you would build a house as a small enclosed space. The real work of art cannot be closed in itself - that makes it a work of art.

Any person can desire for beautiful things, but each of us sees them in his own way. One man enjoys a large space, while other man likes to have a lot of furniture in his house.

In the words of Max Martyr, the American film producer:
I just cannot live in peace if any place in my house is vacant. For me, the more things is there - so the better! There should be lots of things. Sometimes, I look around the room, and if I see an empty area, then I will have no rest until I put some stuff there.

And if the family consists of two people, the task will be even more difficult...

The style of the interior, which will always delight!
To make people feel comfortable, their house interior should not have a very strict order. House is a residential and cozy, if it is a little chaotic.

The main thing in interior of the house is not the number of expensive furniture, but the placed accents that comes, eventually, to the organization of space, light and shadow, color combinations and contrasts of colors.

When we talk about the interior in classic style,
such impression is created that designers can create it in the easiest way. Many decisions in the classic style can be offered, but here, a sense of proportion is important.

Houses made in a classic style should not shout about the wealth and splendor; their beauty should be soft and unobtrusive. Classical things should be spared from decorative excesses, which aggravate the interior and make it boring, stiff, or even cloying.

Achievement of comfort and relaxation in a minimalist style is more complicated,
than in the classical style, because the minimalist style, the beauty is achieved by the simplicity of the interior. Decor of the premises should be concise, decorations and ornaments are not allowed.

Interior that will always excite

It is such an interior, where different styles have been used skillfully in the same space.
It is where:
- Solidity is combined with fragility;
- Classical complicated forms are combined with simplicity of straight lines;
- Reconstruction of antique furniture is combined with fresh contemporary design.

Here, one can observe the tendency to confuse different styles that makes a new interior to be born. The interpenetration of different styles is always the key to something new.

To satisfy customers with eclectic style of their home is no easy task; so the interior design in eclectic style can be entrusted only to a gifted and daring designers the ability to combine all sorts of directions in art, capturing the original lighting, paint, colors and materials.

It takes their breath away! - Interiors of wooden houses
As designers tell us that when we first see your wooden house, it takes their breath away! It makes us wonder that now we are creating such models Finnish wooden houses, of which, recently, we could not dream about.

No matter what your house is, it is important that your home should be your favorite place, unique as a work of art, individually styled, so that any designer's ideas should embody your every wish.

Beyond fashion
Wooden houses are considered to be structures that exist beyond fashion. For centuries, they enjoyed universal love - our ancestors found the explanation in the natural properties of wood, its durability and beauty.

Finnish designers of Lumi Polar Company have no universal advice, how to make interiors of all wooden houses. Some people prefer antique furniture or furniture, which was when they were children; others prefer the elegant simplicity, others prefer the avant-garde style ...

The aesthetics of interiors and internal furnish wooden houses.
In the interior design and interior of the wooden house, the ability of the designer to combine different natural materials occupies a special place. Combination of stone, glass, wood and metal, too, opens up opportunities for the imagination of the designer.

The walls of the first floor, as a rule, living room and dining room can be decorated with something - wooden walls blend harmoniously with any interior details.

It is better that the surface of the walls of rooms on the second floor to be open so the optimal oxygen balance can be maintained in the bedrooms. Besides, thanks to the walls made of wood, the interior of the wooden house will look more warm and cozy.

Most of our customers prefer to leave the walls of wooden houses, made by our company, untouched. Today, it is particularly in trend and, moreover, it is economically advantageous.

Do no harm!
If we talk about the external design and the exterior of wooden houses, here the work is done according to the known principle - "Do no harm!" As a rule, the facades of houses made of laminated veneer lumber or logs, are beautiful by themselves, and therefore, they do not require use of any decorative elements.

As far as exterior of wooden houses is concerned, we would recommend only facing of the house foundation with natural stone, it would give fundamental character to your building. In addition, the foundation of stone looks great and it is perceived as an element of nature.

Welcome to Lumi Polar - our excellent Finnish designers are waiting for you!

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