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History Lumi Polar

The history of Lumi Polar company is the history of creating high-class ecological world

Old wall hand-cutting

Modern perfectly treated timber


History Lumi Polar 1920


The sawmill started by the Perälä brothers increased by several times. The father of the Lumi Polar Company is a small Finnish family-owned business in the small town of Alajärvi that at the beginning of the XX century had bought a sawmill with the equipment for surfacing wood.

History Lumi Polar 1922


With increase in production and personnel the company was restructured into several plants and renamed as Hoiskon Saha. The company was among the first in Finland to carry wood products by road.

History Lumi Polar 1940


Lumber manufacture was started at a plant in the town of Seinäjoki at the time when the country faced a need for prefabricated buildings and their long-distance transport. For the tight loading and easy transport considerations logs were re-sawed and delivered to a construction site.


History Lumi Polar 1950


Manufacture of shaved lumber appeared to be a technical innovation. The other works such as making holes for dowels, corner halving, etc. were still performed manually.

History Lumi Polar 1960


Lumber profile and bowl shape sawing was mechanized.

History Lumi Polar 1975


Manufacture of the first glued wooden structures with the development of industrial chemistry and commercial manufacture of various types of glue. Filing off corner halvings, grooves and daylight openings was initiated and houses started taking on a nice external appearance.


History Lumi Polar 1980


Milestone in the company’s development. We were the first in the wooden housing construction business to manufacture houses from laminated lumber and timber and thus founded the industry of glued laminated wood.

History Polar 1993


Entry to the international market. Houses are built in Russia, CIS countries, Germany, Spain and other European countries.

History Lumi Polar 1995


Construction of large projects in Kazakhstan (Almaty, Astana) based on integrated approach - 15 lux residences of more than 1000 m2 and site visits by the leading Finnish architects and engineers. We were chosen by the top VIP officials of many countries.


History Lumi Polar 1996


Modernization of production and introduction of the latest technology. We were among the first to buy state-of-the-art machines Hundegger K2. Control system mechanisms convey wood materials and house elements from laminated lumber to machines for processing with accuracy to one millimeter. Universal cutters, boring and drilling units of Hundegger K2 machines make it possible to manufacture sophisticated elements.

History Lumi Polar 2000


Introduction of a timber-framing technology well-known in West Europe. The company-introduced technology was not based on the simplified German standards. Lumi Polar used solid laminated lumber with due account for its use in harsh climate of the Nordic countries.

History Lumi Polar 2002


Start of the new technologies - large-span wooden and metal beams. The connection of different materials in the construction of the house allowed to create masterpieces.


History Lumi Polar 2004


Beginning of construction of the unique more than 2000 m2 projects in the mountains of Azerbaijan.

History Lumi Polar 2005


Development of square corner-shaped durable connections enabling a shift from traditional wooden houses with protruding crowns to fiercely modern buildings. Careful selection of raw material and manufacture of houses from premium quality A and B grade Finnish softwood.

History Lumi Polar 2007


Shift to phonic acid and formaldehyde free natural glues that do not cause any harm to health. With the advent to these unique non-toxic glues the durability and strength of glued structures has increased by 5 times!


History Lumi Polar 2008


Use of energy-efficient glass and sealers with thermal conductivity less than 0,9 kW/m2 in large glazing area houses.

History Lumi Polar 2010


Models and collections of houses in the minimalism style developed. Experiments, new technological solutions development, combination of laminated lumber with glass elements from floor to ceiling. Construction workmanship quality was brought up to perfect.

History Lumi Polar 2015


Construction based on challenging architectural projects and designs where sophisticated laminated structures are combined with solid lumber of various section and natural rock. Construction of the world’s largest and sophisticated wooden building 5000 square meters in area.

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