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Lumi Polar. Accurate comfort calculation!

The most important advantage in building a house is for customers who contact the Finnish company Lumi Polar.

Life in the most comfortable conditions allows you to enjoy every day spent in such a house. We are talking about the correct location of the house on the site and the internal space, based on complex calculations of climate, wind rose, movement of the sun and cardinal directions.

After all, the point is to make the allocation of various zones as rational as possible. It is necessary to design development of the layout of buildings with all responsibility — and to do it correctly is only possible for our professional architects who have specialized in this area for many years. 3 whales of their activity are durability, functionality, energy saving. In the heart of each concept is the financial component.


In Finland, any design doesn’t begin with the house, but with the consideration of the surrounding space.

All external factors are studied first. Errors are unacceptable in calculations.

For example, if the house on the site isn’t positioned right, with the axis deviating even 20 degrees, then despite observing all other rules of energy-efficient construction such a house will not be considered energy-saving!

Finnish design gives a look into the future.

Land, plantings, buildings are designed according to the sun, depending on their purpose, shape and size. As a result, in Finnish houses there is not a single corner where daylight doesn’t fall.


Finnish architects use all the world experience in construction and know all the intricacies of building technologies, therefore they perfectly optimize all structures and materials, which can significantly reduce all costs and get the most winning option.

That is why they do not save on design!

The well-known fact that in Finland most families prefer to live in their own house suggests that it has become profitable to build them, and to live in them is the most economical.

A great merit in this is the work of architects to design housing and fit it into the surrounding landscape.

Real luck awaits the one who makes the order for building a house at Lumi Polar before the end of February 2020. Getting a free house layout taking into account all the features of the site as a gift from professional architects is a wonderful prize for those who want to build the most comfortable housing with benefit.



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