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Classic houses

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Classic style is always gorgeous

Classic style is associated with canons in the world of the art - from the princely estates to St. Petersburg’s palaces, renowned for their magnificence. Classic style is always gorgeous - elements of antiquity, solidity and fundamental nature are characteristic of that style. Typically, this style is preferred by men of status and wealthy, as the houses built in this style, are the epitome of wealth, pomp, or even pretentiousness. Such houses combine reality and illusion, and allow their owners to implement their most sophisticated fantasies. Houses in a classical style symbolize aesthetic value of the ideals that are beyond the influence of time and which are retained even in our age - the age of crazy speeds. If the style of classicism is close to you, which has incorporated diverse heritage, but keep the basic features such as generosity and commitment to the sublime, we advise you to choose a house in the classical style, and order an individual project at our company.

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