Built by nature

It is known for ages that nature can exist without man, but people could never exist without nature. Taking advantage of its splendid gifts, a person goes too far: destroys forests, pollutes and drains rivers and lakes, and leaves a carbon footprint in the atmosphere.

But we can and shall live in a different way: protecting nature and working in close tandem with it, creating unusually beautiful and environmentally friendly products. Such as LUMI POLAR houses.

New quality of life

We create the best solutions based on the centuries-old experience of wooden architecture. Scandinavian quality means beauty, practicality and functionality in every detail. This is absolutely new quality of life, in which a great importance is attached to a comfortable microclimate. This is the guarantee of the health of your family.

Each of our houses is a peace of art. It will require not only inspiration, but also a huge experience and a team of true professionals to built it. We like non-routine tasks and revolutionary design, so we constantly develop innovative solutions. Each our house is a model of functionality, where every millimeter of space is thought out. LUMI POLAR houses are being built in Europe and America. This fact convincingly proves the huge demand for sustainable construction and Scandinavian quality.

The best forest in the world

The forests in Finland are recognized as the best in the world. Nowhere people do care so much about green gold, as in a country which land is 90% covered by forest. Thanks to perfect climate and the most careful care of the forest as a flowering garden (the annual growth of healthy powerful shipbuilding timbers in Finland is 100 million m3, 60 million m3 is going to the domestic and foreign markets, thus an increase is of 40 million m3), every year, there are becoming more and more forests in Finland! You can be sure: the shipbuilding timbers, which goes to the LUMI POLAR timber production, will be reproduced, and nature will not be harmed!

Lasting value

Wooden houses are able to serve people for hundreds of years. Of course, this is the most environmentally friendly building material: in the premises of such house there is always clean and fresh air, optimum level of humidity, warm in winter and cool on hot days. And houses made of timber are the most earthquake-proof and energy-saving even if the project provides a large area of glazing. Our secret is that there are no surfaces on which moisture condenses in our projects. Therefore, we build LUMI POLAR houses in hot and cold countries - they are not afraid of climate changes, precipitation and wind. Inside the wooden house there is always reigning serenity and comfort, even when the weather is raging outside the window.

Live off the land

This is the cherished dream of most people. We’re stepping forward - our houses push the boundaries between the living space and the natural environment and the house becomes an organic continuation of the pristine beauty. Architects often forget about linking the house to the site, but professionals of LUMI POLAR never do it! For us, this is a key task and the backbone. By inscribing the house in the existing landscape, we study the terrain, orientation to the sides of the world and the wind direction, try to keep trees and shrubs on the site and always take into account the surrounding buildings. This approach ensures that you will admire nature, not neighboring houses, and every centimeter of the house will be filled with natural warm light.

Originality and Scandinavian design

No matter what style your house is built in, it will always be original and not like others. All materials, color schemes, lighting and landscaping are chosen for a particular project and never repeat. We create a picture of unity of nature and house, and do not divide them. The best definition for Lumi Polar houses is elegant luxury, when beauty looks natural and seamlessly, and not pompously and magnificently. These houses are created by nature and supplemented by the workmanship of Scandinavian architects!

We are proud that there are many famous people, world stars and the first persons of the states among our clients. But we build our masterpieces equally for all people! Every Lumi Polar house is of the highest quality and the best service.

Careful attitude

One of the main problems of the modern technological world is the carbon footprint left by the enterprises. Every time we make a purchase, we should think about how much environmentally friendly it was produced? Today, wood manufacture is the only environmentally friendly production, and we are steadily improving our technologies to protect nature, and not to destroy it!