Matti Iiramo

Matti Iiramo’s uniqueness lies in the fact that he combines in every his project, his natural talent with the knowledge gained in the two high schools: he received his degree as a construction engineer in Finland, and then he completed the prestigious Royal Architectural University in Stockholm.

Pioneer in the design of low-rise buildings
At one time, Matti pioneered the design of low-rise houses, and now, after 30 years of experience, he is a leader in creation of the modern architecture in Finland.

The scale of Matti 's projects is presented a huge number of master plans, and all kinds of objects, ranging from luxury houses, ending large-scale territorial designs, including entertainment and shopping centers, sports facilities, hotels, office buildings, cottage village, restaurants, cafes, etc.

In total, more than 1,000 projects have been created under the leadership of Matti, 500 of which are large and many of them have been published in prominent magazines.

Innovator in the development of modern models of housing
Lately, the development of modern forms of homes for the elderly people in Finland was assigned to the Matti's engineering office. For this purpose, six large forest areas were selected in suburbs of Helsinki, three of that projects have already been implemented by Matti. The system of design is based on one-story house model, which is close to nature, and which focuses on human communication.

Architect Projects Matti Iiramo

Overcoming Stereotypes
We not only design individual houses for our clients, but we are constantly experimenting with new original developments. Creating modules and combining different forms, we design silhouettes of light-based models for houses of laminated veneer lumber. Embodying truly revolutionary solutions in its projects, Lumi Polar breaks old patterns of wooden houses.

All Lumi Polar Houses Have Excellent Projects
Not one, but a group of architects take part in the development of each house project made by our company.  Moreover, every architect is specializing in "his part of the object." Thus, the project is tested and complied from different points of view – and in the end, the project must meet the professional concepts of all architects. Therefore, every house of Lumi Polar begins with an outstanding project, which will be performed competently and professionally, and the house will look presentable and in accordance with your wishes.

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