Jesper Jokilehto

Architect, engineer, designer
Graduated from the prestigious Aalto University, majoring in "Architecture"
Internship in the office of Juha Leiviska

Jesper Jokilehto is a representative of the new wave of Scandinavian architecture. Inspired by the works of Eero Saarinen, Peter Zumthor and Zaha Hadid with their clear and complex geometries, he keeps supporting the traditions of the Northern school at the same time, namely harmonic design and special attention to materials, without which it is impossible to build a high quality home and create a truly comfortable space. It seems that the architect sometimes is even willing to put aside the drawings and pick up an axe to achieve desirable perfection.

Architect Projects Jesper Jokilehto

One of the notable projects in his career was the development of the concept of the residential units called Spaceveggies for base camp for astronauts on Mars — he won The International Space Apps Challenge organized by NASA in the category of Deployable greenhouse. This architecture is a new level: the project team has devised every smallest detail both of the construction features of Autonomous living space and of the concept of a comfortable place for long stay. In fact, Spaceveggies is not a house, but a garden which also serves as a life support system and the basis for creation of a comfortable and interesting environment.

The concept of the residential units Spaceveggies for base camp for astronauts on Mars won the award in the Deployable greenhouse category of The NASA International Space Apps Challenge

Portfolio of Jesper Jokilehto also includes several food processing facilities, research institutions and other public buildings. In every project the architect applies his unique approach which combines attention to details and materials and a willingness to experiment in search of excellence.

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