Giuseppe Arnone

Architect, member of the Italian Union of Architects,
owner of the studio Arno Architetture

Born in 1962 in Calabria in southern Italy.

The total work experience in architecture and design is more than 30 years (11 years in Russia).

Got a degree in architecture in the oldest University of Florence, Università degli Studi di Firenze, UNIFI, in architectural design, restoration, interior design, urban design.

After studying, he was accepted into the Order of Architects of the Province of Cosenza, and in 1993 he opened his own architectural studio.

At the invitation of the city authorities, Giuseppe Arnone participated in the development of public spaces, the improvement of urban squares, the restoration of historic buildings and churches, the reconstruction of schools, the creation of urban infrastructure. His list of creative achievements includes the construction of a park in Lattarico, the design of public and industrial quarters in Palacello, the restoration of Badia Liuta church in Paola, as well as other buildings and objects that today define the appearance of their cities and communes.

In addition to cooperation with the municipalities of Italy, Giuseppe Arnone became the author of various private residences.

Projects architect Giuseppe Arnone

In 2007, he was invited by his Italian colleagues to Russia to participate in projects related to the decoration of residences in classic style with the use of plaster stucco decor with gilding, mosaic panels and marble decor.

In 2011, he founded the «Arno Architetture» architecture and design studio in Russia. The main specialization is the creation of individual, author's design solutions for objects of urban and suburban residential real estate.

The studio works with clients require high confidentiality. Most of the work consists of projects of high complexity, with an expanded composition of the project team, including the professional service of the Customer.

In addition to private homes and estates, his studio takes orders for the design of beauty salons, SPAs, restaurants and other commercial places.

The creative philosophy of the architect is based on the desire to surprise, to show a palette of bright emotions, to create true beauty and harmony of the place.

Even the most modern solutions in the works of Giuseppe Arnone can save the true spirit of Italy, the recognizable contours of the ancient Florentine school, the wealth of experience of many generations of great Italian architects, artists and designers.

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